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Offer instant refunds
to your customers

Improve your customer experience and increase sales by offering instant refunds to your customers

Early access requested! We will be in touch shortly.

How it works


Shappy refunds your customers instantly

Your customers will receive their money instantly.


Customers ship their items

Your customers ship their returns within 10 days.


You review returns and pay us back

You process the returns and pay us back.

Key numbers



of customers won't repurchase after a bad return experience



of shoppers check the refund policy before making a purchase



more customers will repurchase if they are refunded instantly



faster customer repurchase rate

What's in it for you?

Improve customer experience

Instant refunds make your return process seamless. Give customers what they really want. Instant refunds. Happy customers.

Maximise retention and loyalty

Make the best of the situation with Shappy's fast and easy flow. Instant refunds give your customers a reason to shop with you again.

Increase your sales

Instant refunds give confidence to your customer and has proven to increase your repurchase metrics.

Reduce refund related complaints

A seamless refund process greatly reduces return related complaints. Don't waste your resources on refunds related issues. We got you covered.

Improve customer confidence

Guarantee easy and instant refunds to your customers and increase their confidence. The higher the trust the higher the conversions.

Learn about your customers

Understand your customers repurchase behaviour with our unique data and insights. Access our customised reports on demand.

Easy Integration

Shappy currently supports a variety of options

How can we help?

What is Shappy?

Shappy lets you offer instant refunds to your customers. Refund now. Ship later.

How much does it cost?

Shappy is free for your customers. We usually take a fee on the total refunded amount. 

How long to set it up?

Shappy is very quick to set up. We'll just need a few details about your business before you're up and running.

How does it work?

Customers receive their money instantly and have 10 days to ship their items. You process the returns and pay us back.

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