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Getting started is quick and easy

Help shoppers buy the right version of your products

Make it easy for shoppers to find the correct replacement when they receive the wrong size or colour. Our one-click exchange feature simplifies the process for shoppers to access up-to-date stock availability.

Drive loyalty with instant exchanges

Create a lasting impression by sending shoppers their exchange before they’ve shipped their return. Completely risk-free.

Enforce you return policy

Fine-tune your return policy and specify rules at a product level. Have a complex return policy? We've got you covered and can easily automatically approve, reject, or flag returns and exchanges for manual review.

Seamless setup 

Improve your return experience in minutes. No need to involve your CTO. We made it super easy for anyone to add Shappy to their eCommerce.

Make the return experience an extension of your brand

Create a more engaging experience for your customers, and customise your return portal with your brand's unique identity. Enforce your return policy by setting the return window and the cases where you offer a return shipping label.

Our mission is to help you!

100% free

Our service is completely free with no hidden fees.

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